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Message from the Founder

Welcome and thank you for visiting Ticket2Me!

Over the last few years, we have witnessed explosive growth across many of our customer categories but also very critical challenges including the impact of the COVID19 pandemic on the businesses of many of our partners. We have expanded our technology successfully to be able to serve not just live, in-person events but also online events, classes and performances of all shapes and sizes.

We have also successfully applied our technology to help doctors schedule appointments with their patients and physical stores (like restaurants, barbershops and salons) schedule appointments for their customers – all with a view to preventing overcrowding, reducing workload for employees by automating/collecting payments and ensuring a safer, more efficient experience for both businesses and their clients.

While we recognize that our economy continues to face serious risks, we at Ticket2Me are confident that we are able to provide our customers the safest, most convenient and most advanced event ticketing and crowd management platform in the Philippines today.

Let’s continue to create value by bringing people together whether offline or online seamlessly! Ticket easy!

Darwin Mariano


Management Team

Julie Bautista

Julie Bautista

Chief Executive Officer

James Mendoza

James Mendoza

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

Evert Tagle

Head of Expansion Program